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Madison owns a retail clothing store. Her marketing consultant says that with all the technology at their disposal, customers will go back and forth across multiple channels before choosing to buy an outfit at her store. The consultant recommends that Madison consider an online-to-offline strategy to drive foot traffic to her store. What are two examples of an online-to-offline strategy? (Choose two.)

  • Lead manipulation
  • Local Inventory ads
  • Website-to-email
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Ads location extensions
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As the owner of a new restaurant, Susan is considering her potential customer’s journeys in order to establish her business in the area. What’s the first step a potential customer might take when going through the journey phase?

  • View an online advertisement of the new restaurant.
  • Fill out an online email subscription form to receive alerts.
  • Call to inquire if the restaurant accepts dinner reservations.
  • Recommend the restaurant to her social media friends.
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Levi’s an experienced marketing strategist for a software company that sells a learning platform to public schools. He developed healthy individual measurement habits that grow his success in constantly evolving his company’s marketing strategies to the schools’ changing needs. What are two habits Levi developed to help him evaluate and adapt his marketing strategies? (Choose two.)

  • He values what his coworkers think and encourages them to give their opinions in his marketing meetings.
  • He promotes the attitude that “failure is not an option” amongst his team members and subordinates.
  • He starts his day by looking at how well he’s doing on his company’s key performance indicators.
  • He maintains a set of preferred media channels proven to be effective and don’t need to change.
  • He incorporates data into all of his decision-making concerning marketing channel selection.
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Brenda just released a mobile app for her business and has selected an attribution partner to integrate with for in-app conversion tracking. What else must she do to complete the conversion tracking setup?

  • Link her Google Play account to her Google My Business account.
  • Link her Google Firebird account to her Google Analytics account.
  • Link her Google Ads account and Google Analytics account.
  • Link her Google Play and Google Ads account.