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Levi is an experienced marketing strategist for a software company that sells a learning platform to public schools. He has developed healthy individual measurement habits that drive his success in constantly evolving his company’s marketing strategies to the changing needs of the schools. Which two habits has Levi developed to help him evaluate and adapt his marketing strategies? (Choose two.)

  • He values what his coworkers think and encourages them to give their opinions in his marketing meetings.
  • He maintains a set of preferred media channels proven to be effective and don’t need to change.
  • He promotes the attitude that “failure is not an option” amongst his team members and subordinates.
  • He incorporates data into all of his decision-making concerning marketing channel selection.
  • He starts his day by looking at how well he’s doing on his company’s key performance indicators.
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Sylvia wants to create a My Google Business account for her 3 retail locations. How can Sylvia verify each location in Google My Business?

  • Upload a series of screenshots of her social media presence for each location through her account portal.
  • Email a copy of a local business license for each location using her registered email account.
  • Fill out and upload the required bulk verification spreadsheet through her account portal.
  • Request a mailing of a postcard to each location with a verification code she enters into her account portal.
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Google Ads follow the Media Rating Council’s standards for viewability. What’s required for an ad to be counted as a viewable impression?

  • An ad must be more than 50% on screen for more than two seconds.
  • An ad must be more than 75% on-screen for more than five seconds.
  • An ad must be more than 50% on screen for more than five seconds.
  • An ad must be more than 75% on screen for more than two seconds.
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Jared handles marketing for a chain of restaurants that feature high-end bars. He added a bar and its restaurant as separate locations in his bulk upload, even though they share an address. Both were disapproved. What caused the disapproval? (Duplicate 2)

  • Each listing must be created using a separate email address.
  • Editorial approval must be received to use the same address twice.
  • Jared should’ve submitted the bar and restaurant under a single title.
  • Jared can only upload a maximum of 10 listings using a bulk upload.