Google Ads Search Certification Exam Answers 2023 (Updated)

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Google Ads Search Certification Exam Details:

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  • Questions: The assessment is made up of 50 questions
  • Time: 75 minutes to finish the assessment
  • Passing score: 80% or higher to pass
  • Retake period: 1 day
  • Validity Period: 12 Months

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Become a Google Ads Search Certified Expert

This test examines how well you can create Google Search campaigns and optimize them for conversions or other metrics based on your goals. It tests your use of Google Ad tools, like Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions.

Download and follow our Google Ads Search Certification Study Guide, when you take the exam. If you follow our study guidelines, then you do not need to check your knowledge by using Google’s practice tests in Google Skillshop. In our PDF answer sheet file, you will find all the questions and answers.

You will receive a Google Ads search certification badge after completing the assessment and you can also download the certification in a PDF format.

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Some questions example of Search Advertising Exam Answers:

  • A golf enthusiast regularly watches instructional videos about golf, has recently searched for the best golf clubs on, and has researched golf courses on Google Maps.
    Which type of Search Audience solution would best reach this individual?
  • A water-sports company specializes in custom-made watercrafts and accessories. Their marketing manager decides to use the broad-match keyword, “boat.” The manager then adds “paddle” as a broad-match modifier.
    Which two searches may prompt the marketing manager’s ad? (Choose two.)
  • Ad extensions assist in providing users with which two things they want from their search experience? (Choose two.)
  • After running a Google Search Ads campaign for several months, Meredith notices sales of her advertised products are starting to lag. She checks her Google Ads Recommendations page and notices that her campaign’s optimization score is 22%.
    What does this score tell Meredith about her Google Search Ads campaign?
  • Alex has started a Google Search campaign designed to promote his online motorcycle accessories store. His store focuses on custom helmets.
    How might Google Search Ads provide value to Alex?
  • An advertising executive takes over a Google Search ads campaign. On his Google Ads Recommendations page he notes that the campaign’s optimization score is 40%.
    What does this score indicate?
  • As a digital strategist, Jared wants to add something extra to his ads to give users more incentive to click and convert. He’s considering using the two optional field paths in the URL component of the ad, but needs to be certain his messaging will fit.
    How many total characters can he use in each of these optional paths?
  • As an advertiser, creating your first text ad in Google Ads is a simple five-step process.
    Arrange the five steps in order, with the first step on top.

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