HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation Certification Exam Answers 2024

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HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation Details:

  • Questions: 60 questions
  • Time: 3 Hours
  • Passing score: 80% or higher to pass

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Become a HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation Certified Expert

This assessment is comprised of 60 questions that cover topics related to HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation.

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You will receive a HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation certification badge after completing the assessment and you can also download the certification in a PDF format.

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HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation Certification Exam Answer in Gumroad

Some Updated Questions:

  • Which of the following is NOT a way in which a Sales Hub implementation project could fail?
  • True or false? Technology alone will solve most of your client’s problems. As long as you have a basic implementation strategy, you don’t need to worry about building out a detailed plan.
  • Which of the following can be part of a CRM implementation process?
  • Which of the following is one of the implementation project manager’s key responsibilities?
  • Which of the following is NOT a quality assurance benefit of an implementation plan?
  • Which of the following roles is not usually a part of the implementation team?
  • Which of the following statements is false, based on the information, frameworks, and methodologies shared in this certification?
  • True or False? The pilot team’s feedback serves as a quality assurance mechanism for the implementation project.
  • Which of the following is a common way in which the supervisory committee can guide a Sales Hub implementation project?
  • Which of the following would go against the best practices for Sales Hub implementation?
  • Which of the following is true about developing a reporting playbook for your client?
  • Which of the following describes the role of the IT lead or technology specialist?
  • Which of the following statements is true?
  • True or False? Don’t worry about training the client’s team on how to use Sales Hub in their day-to-day. They can always access free HubSpot Academy education to learn how to use the tool.
  • Which of the following is NOT a best practice for the development stage of a Sales Hub implementation plan?