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You’re on a social media team for a outdoors brand called Appalachia. They’ve decided to revitalize their Pinterest account and see if they can engage customers there. What ways might you bring inbound marketing into the content creation process for this channel? Select all that apply.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification Exam Answers – Questions & Correct Answers

  • Instead of posting repetitive photos of your traditional (but oh-so-comfy) hiking boots, feature ways customers can use your products. Feature stunning photos of sunrise hikes and crackling campfires.
  • Post the same content you post on your Instagram or Facebook accounts. Because that content already resonates with customers on those channels, it will most likely resonate with customer browsing Pinterest.
  • Try out several different brand voices and concepts across your content, even if they don’t directly match your brand. Even if it feels off-brand at first, you’ll find your niche. Worst case, you have a couple of posts that fall flat.
  • Curating Pinterest boards around the aspirations of your target customer— such as popular hiking and travel destinations.

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