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Scenario: You’ve completed every stage of a CMS migration project for a client, but they’re requesting a little more of your time for training or educating their team on how to use the tool. Because their team is particularly new to HubSpot, they need a little more help before they’re ready to be self-sufficient. What should you do?

  • Give them the HubSpot Support phone number. Once your project is done, you have no further responsibility towards training them on the tool.
  • Explain that you cannot be flexible, especially since they failed to communicate the need for additional training at the beginning of the project. It’s their responsibility to make sure they understand the tool, since you’ve already explained it to them in detail. If they’re persistent, you should explain that you’ll need to double your hourly rate moving forward.
  • Lodge a formal complaint against them with HubSpot. They are violating the HubSpot culture code, and should not be allowed to renew their subscription.
  • Take time to understand their training needs, and see if you can offer them an extra hour or two. If their needs go beyond that, explain that you’ll need to budget time and resources for the additional work. By working with them to give them a positive customer experience, you’re building trust with them for potential future projects.

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