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Your client wants to create a video campaign with your agency. They ask you for an example when you might use the video impressions or video starts metric from Campaign Manager 360. How do you answer them?

  • You’re a marketing manager for a mobile phone repair company that has rolled out a new marketing campaign featuring video ads. You’d like to know how many people have watched the video ad from start to finish.
  • Your bakery is promoting new baked goods in your inventory. In this campaign, you’re featuring video ads and want to see how many impressions your video ads have received.
  • You’re a lighting fixture company owner who’s ready to promote a new line of lamps. You’re running video ads and want to discover how many people have watched the first quartile of the video ad.
  • You’re the marketer for a carpet-cleaning service. You’ve launched a new video ads campaign for them and want to uncover how many people have watched to the midpoint of the video ad.