Microsoft Advertising/Bing Ads Certification Exam Answers 2022


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Microsoft Advertising Certification Exam Answers 2022

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Some questions example of Microsoft/Bing Ads Certification:

Updated Microsoft/Bing Ads Certification Questions 2022

  • The Microsoft Audience Network supports which two kinds of ad formats? Choose all that apply.
  • Microsoft Advertising Editor allows you to work and make changes offline and online. True or False?
  • When using Dynamic search ads, what happens after you create specific ad text for your relevant targets?
  • Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool that provides which kinds of insight?
  • A best practice for updating UET tags on your website is:
  • Microsoft Advertising Multi-user Access lets you use one username to access multiple customer shells. True or false?
  • What are two best practices for monitoring performance in Syndication networks? (Select 2)
  • You can save time and effort with the Google Merchant Center (GMC) Import if you have _________ up and running.
  • With Call Extensions you can do the following: (Select 2)
  • Which of the following audience variables can be used to target your ads and keywords? Choose all that apply.
  • The Microsoft Audience Network is an advertising solution powered by the Microsoft Graph and Artificial Intelligence. True or False?
  • What are some Microsoft Advertising guidelines to use in order to avoid common editorial disapprovals?
  • What is an example of a remarketing exclusion along with remarketing targeting?
  • The Microsoft Advertising Intelligence keyword planner tool is a paid-subscription tool that builds keyword lists. True or false?
  • With LinkedIn Profile Targeting, you can target customers based on what criteria?
  • Microsoft Advertising Scripts are JavaScript-based actions you can to build to analyze, change, or delete items in your account based on custom criteria. True or False?
  • Microsoft Advertising will not use your Google Ads sign-in information for any purpose other than the import process. True or false?
  • With the Microsoft Audience Network, the only targeting option available is keyword targeting. True or False?

  • The only way to use Hotel Ads is to sign up with your account manager. True or false?

  • In-market audiences can be imported from Google Ads campaigns. True or False?

  • You can now receive billing alerts and monthly invoices via email. True or false?

  • You cannot copy campaigns from Google Ads into Microsoft Advertising using the Google Import tool. True or false?

  • Which column in the Microsoft Advertising data summary table tells you the pre- and post-auction delivery status of your campaign?

  • If you are unable to find your ad in the Microsoft Advertising Network results pages, why should you first examine the Impressions column in the Microsoft Advertising data summary tables?