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Scenario: Your client has heard misinformation about HubSpot CMS that has caused them to lose trust in it, but they love your firm’s service and want to work with you on their next redesign project. Which of the following is the right course of action for you to take?

  • Take time to understand their doubts, but don’t try to change their mind on HubSpot. Focus on winning the service contract for your firm first, because that’s where you will profit the most.
  • Take time to clarify their doubts about HubSpot CMS and reassure them that your firm will work with them throughout the redesign process. With both your firm and HubSpot CMS, the client is much more likely to succeed.
  • Take time to clarify their doubts about HubSpot CMS, and explain to them that your services are not as important as HubSpot CMS. If they buy HubSpot CMS, they won’t need your firm’s services.
  • None of the above.

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