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Scenario: You, your firm’s full stack developer, can hear your strategist and salespeople having an important conversation with a frustrated prospect. The prospect is asking a number of technical questions, and your strategist/salespeople are unable to answer them fully, because the topics are outside their area of expertise. However, you think you might be able to answer at least a few of the questions. What should you do?

  • Don’t interfere. You’re not a sales or implementation expert, and you should leave the prospect conversations to them. You could potentially derail the sales process.
  • Since you can only answer a few of their questions, don’t bother trying. In prospect calls, you have to answer all questions correctly immediately, otherwise the deal will fall apart.
  • Quietly submit an anonymous report to HR about how your team members aren’t sufficiently qualified for their roles, and are falling short of expectations.
  • Let your team members know that you might be able to help. Answer any questions you’re comfortable with, and research the other questions for the prospect. Teamwork will set you up for success.

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