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Scenario: You finished the migration for the client successfully a week ago, but site metrics are lower than pre-migration levels, even after checking for seasonal factors, UX issues, etc. You finally discover that a technical step was missed by your firm’s implementation team. What should you do?

  • No need to say anything or alarm the client. Fix the issue and don’t bring it up again unless the client asks. If they ask more questions, pivot to discussing other issues as quickly as possible.
  • Your team never makes mistakes. The client must have done something wrong. If they ask, tell them that it’s their responsibility to make sure the migration is finished correctly, and not yours. You’re just hired help to guide them.
  • Admit to the client that your team overlooked something, and give them instructions for how they can fix it. Unfortunately, you don’t have time to fix your team’s error, due to the tight deadline you have to meet for the overall project.
  • Admit to the client that your team overlooked something, tell them exactly how you plan to fix the error, and offer them another few days to evaluate site metrics after the error has been corrected to make sure they’re satisfied with your work.

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