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Scenario: You’re halfway through an important discovery conversation with your client’s entire team of stakeholders. Suddenly, the Sales Director interrupts with a question about whether they can transition their entire sales organization to Sales Hub from a legacy CRM. This is a pivotal moment in your relationship with this client, but you weren’t prepared to answer this question. How should you react to avoid derailing the conversation while still keeping the client interested in Sales Hub?

  • Explain that you’ll reach out to them privately to continue this discussion, but you’re not prepared to have this conversation yet, and don’t want to give them false information.
  • Ignore the question and transition to discussing the CMS Hub, which is a product you’re more familiar with and more prepared to discuss.
  • Ask the Sales Director if she would be willing to tell you more about how their current CRM fits into their business process, and express your willingness to discuss how Sales Hub could potentially play a role.
  • Attack the credibility of their legacy CRM immediately, and recite memorized soundbites about the power of Sales Hub.