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Scenario: You’re discussing platform goals with your prospect for the first time, and they suddenly start expressing doubt about some of the ideas you’ve suggested. While it seemed like they were initially excited about cancelling unnecessary SaaS app subscriptions, they’re worried about the downstream impact on their business. How do you reassure them and avoid derailing your discussion?

  • Remind them that this is just an exploratory discussion, and that you won’t make any decisions without thoroughly understanding each app’s use case within their platform
  • Remind them that they’re losing money because of unnecessary app subscriptions, and need to act decisively to save their company time and money
  • Share a scary story with them about how a business lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of unnecessary app subscriptions
  • If they’re having doubts, they might not be a good fit for your service. Tell them to reach out to you when they’re confident they want to move ahead and remove unnecessary apps from their platform