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You have a client who is already using HubSpot’s marketing platform and wants to try out HubSpot CRM. How do you get them started?

  • By going to and creating a CRM account
  • By adding the CRM to their existing portal
  • Reach out to your Channel Consultant to create a new portal that includes marketing and CRM
  • Have your client contact HubSpot Support to enable this in their portal
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You have a client that you think would benefit from using HubSpot CRM. When you suggest this to them, they say, “I like the idea of using a CRM, but I don’t think my reps will remember to record their activities in it.” What’s the best way to respond to address this concern?

  • “No worries–we can use the Tasks feature to send reminder emails to your reps so they don’t forget.”
  • “Not a problem–HubSpot CRM automatically records emails and calls so reps don’t have to.”
  • “Good point–let’s make sure we set up a time to train your reps so they understand the value of recording their work in the CRM.”
  • “Good point–maybe HubSpot CRM isn’t a good fit for you.”
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The processes for creating an ideal buyer profile and creating a buyer persona are essentially the same except for one key difference. What is it?

  • Ideal buyer profiles only includes demographic information, while buyer personas should include information about a person’s goals, fears, and challenges.
  • Buyer personas should be created primarily by the marketing team, while ideal buyer profiles should be created primarily by sales.
  • Ideal buyer profiles are static, but buyer personas need to be continually updated.
  • Buyer personas are optional, but every company needs to have at least one ideal buyer profile.