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You’re teaching a client how to handle content management and creation. How should the sales team be involved during this process?

  • Not at all. When it comes to content, you should only focus on working with your client’s marketing team to determine which content the sales team needs.
  • Only in the beginning. Gather the content that the sales team is currently using, and then let the marketing team take it from there.
  • Throughout the process. Determine the content the sales team has produced, involve them in future content creation and in providing feedback to the marketing team.
  • At the very end. This is when you should present the content analysis to the sales team and make sure they know which content they should use moving forward.
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You want to help your client automate their sales rep email follow up. Which tool would be most helpful?

  • The Sequences tool because this will allow sales reps to schedule a series of targeted emails to send over time.
  • The Workflow tool because this will allow marketers to take over and nurture leads for the sales reps.
  • The Meetings tool because this will allow prospects to easily set up time with a sales rep.
  • The Documents tool because sales reps can see which content to send next to the prospect.
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Collecting a client’s contact data together to import can be a daunting task. What is the BEST way to position this job to your client?

  • Tell them that it’ll be a lot of work but it’s unavoidable.
  • Present it as an opportunity for them to organize and validate their data.
  • Remind them that the outcome will be worth the trouble.
  • Point out importing is actually just a small part of the full implementation process.
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When implementing HubSpot CRM for a client, should you help them create custom properties?

  • Yes – help them create as many as they need for the information they want to know about their contacts.
  • Yes – but focus primarily on properties to hold information connected to their buyer personas and the way they qualify leads.
  • No – it’s better to teach them about the standard properties and then add custom properties later, after they already understand the basics.
  • No – while adding custom properties is an option, creating new properties early on can lead to confusion and disorganization later.
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You have a client who is already using HubSpot’s marketing platform and wants to try out HubSpot CRM. How do you get them started?

  • By going to and creating a CRM account
  • By adding the CRM to their existing portal
  • Reach out to your Channel Consultant to create a new portal that includes marketing and CRM
  • Have your client contact HubSpot Support to enable this in their portal