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Trina is considering using automated bidding as she is looking to make her campaign management process more efficient. In what three ways can automated bidding improve efficiency? (Choose 3.)

  • Minimum and maximum bid values are determined by the daily budget
  • Saves time and marketing resources
  • Integrates a large variety of signals to evaluate user intent
  • Sets the appropriate bid for each and every auction
  • Sets manual bids for specific times of the day
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Marta’s Display campaign has delivered results beyond her expectations. She knows she increase returns with added spend, but that’s not possible for her at the moment. How would Performance Planner benefit her in this situation?

  • By finding areas of her total budget that could contribute to marketing.
  • By determining which of Google’s ads are most appropriate for her brand.
  • By teaching her employees the fundamentals of personal budgeting.
  • By optimizing her available ad budget for maximum growth.