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You’re launching a campaign for a national bakery chain that’s opening next weekend. They’re willing to pay extra to advertise on the homepage of various local news stations, but want the flexibility to back out if it rains on their opening day. Which deal type should they enter into with this publisher?

  • Open Auction Deal or Private Auction Deal
  • Programmatic Guaranteed Deal or Preferred Deal
  • Private Auction Deal or Preferred Deal
  • Open Auction Deal or Programmatic Guaranteed Deal
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You’re working on a campaign and want to change the end date for multiple line items. You decide to make bulk edits using structured data files (SDFs). What should be your first step?

  • You should upload the updated file to Display & Video 360.
  • You should download an SDF from Display & Video 360.
  • You should make changes to the downloaded SDF within Display & Video 360.
  • You should make changes within the Display & Video 360 account.