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In what situation would you use the video impressions or video starts metric from Campaign Manager 360?

  • Your lawncare client is opening a franchise in a new region. They’re running a video ad and want to determine how many impressions their video ad received.
  • Your glassware client is kicking off a video campaign for their new line of tumblers. From this campaign, they’d like to find out how many people watched watched to the midpoint of the video ad.
  • You’re working with a new carpentry business client starting a new video ad campaign. Your client wants to figure out how many people have watched to the third quartile of their ad.
  • You’re working with a regional car wash chain. They’ve included video ads in their campaign and would like to know how many people have watched the video in full.
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Your sunglasses retail chain client would like to start running mobile ads in their current campaign. Some creatives are already optimized for mobile and may already appear across mobile websites. What’s the first thing to check within their Campaign Manager 360 account to verify that these ads serve?

  • They should look at their campaign settings in Campaign Manager 360 to see if their ads are optimized for mobile.
  • They should configure account settings in Campaign Manager 360 to include apps, mobile devices, and tablets.
  • They should use mobile-friendly sizes and formats when organizing their campaign in Campaign Manager 360.
  • They should adjust their existing desktop display campaign and settings within Campaign Manager 360.
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Your client, a national cleaning supplies business, is about to spin off a new subsidiary that you’ll also work with. How will you organize their Campaign Manager 360 network, so that they’re able to separate their business units and maintain a holistic overview of the company?

  • You’ll need to set up a separate campaign beneath the parent advertiser.
  • You’ll need to set up two parent advertisers beneath a Campaign Manager 360 network.
  • You’ll need to set up two separate placements beneath the parent advertiser.
  • You’ll need to set up separate child advertisers beneath the parent advertiser.
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In Campaign Manager 360, you’ve just set up your client, a coffee store chain, with separate child advertisers. What’s the next step you should take to prepare their account?

  • Upload the specific creatives for the latte product into their account.
  • Select optimal placements for their latte product launch.
  • Choose the desired ad sizes for the latte product-related creatives.
  • Develop a campaign for their new latte product.
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After looking over a report in Campaign Manager 360 about a client’s new campaign, you observe that the default ads run more frequently than the new ads for the campaign. What may be the reason for this happening?

  • Allowing both ad types to run across various sites and platforms
  • Including geographic, language, and technology targeting
  • Setting up the priority of the ad to “2,” which then ran before the standard ad
  • Including three different creatives to run in this campaign